Resinous flooring systems 

 typically interior applications;


             Shop floors



 Decorative overlays

Can be used throughout the house,

Interior; Kitchens

             Living rooms


As well as counter tops


Exterior; Carports



               Pool decks

epoxy flooring in Baton rouge 

Waterproofing contractor in Baton Rouge 

RAS Epoxy coatings epoxy - epoxy floors - epoxy coating

RAS Epoxy Coatings in Baton Rouge

epoxy - epoxy floors - epoxy coating in Baton Rouge 

waterproof coatings in Baton Rouge 

​Kitchen floors

Bar tops 

Decorative  Concrete

Removal of tile floors 

Rebuilding and sloping of damaged floors

Epoxy base cove 

Give us a call I am sure we can handle your needs.




Epoxy - Epoxy Floors -Your epoxy flooring contractor and Epoxy Coating in Baton Rouge 

​Acid pads 


Production areas 


Control rooms

and much more


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RAS Epoxy Coatings
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